The Battle of An Loc

Wow, finally a book about a major NVA-ARVN battle, even if centered on the US soldiers involved. H-NET BOOK REVIEWPublished by (November 2005) James H. Willbanks. _The Battle of An Loc_. Twentieth-Century BattlesSeries. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2005. xxi + 226 pp.Figures, maps, photographs, appendices, notes, bibliography, index.$29.95 (cloth), ISBN 0-253-34481-6. Reviewed for H-War by Ron Milam, Department of History, Texas TechUniversity The American Advisory Effort Near the End of the War Scholars of the Vietnam War experience have traditionally focused on the role of U.S. advisors during the Kennedy years, or in an ancillary role to the American ground [...]


The Betrayed, The Neglected

In late February I climbed off a plane in Tan Son Nhut airport, to set foot for the first time in 38 years on the soil of Viet Nam.  Many Vietvets have gone back to visit in the last 20 years, some to try to heal themselves, to lay ghosts of their past to rest, to reminisce with other vets on a tour, to show their families where they spent the most intense time of their lives, to enjoy the beauty of the country and its many attractions. But I did not go halfway around the world for any of [...]