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This man A Quang Hiep, born 1955, stationed at Duc Hoa. He lost both legs in the battle and now he is suffering from throat cancer. In the thank you letter, he deeply thanked the kind-hearted persons who supported VHF has sent him 2,000,000 VN Dong for emergency treatment. We know that he will need a lot more than this but our budget is limited,

Nguyen Van Son currently lives in Saigon, he lost a right leg and a right eye. He currently suffered from last stage of cancer. For those in this critical cases, VHF normally send extra money to help the very sick veterans.

Our help was distributed directly to veterans twice a year by volunteers

Our representatives in Vietnam distributed money directly to the veterans, got the receipts from the vets, discussed their needs, and reported back to the management body in US.

This veteran who lost both legs and lives in a shabby hut in a rural area was very emotional when he first met Del Vecchio. Del Vecchio saw his tears when he said he was forgotten for a long time. That is why our motto is "Help the Forgotten" when Del went back to US and found the Vietnam Healing Foundation.