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Welcome to the Vietnam Healing Foundation

VHF Chairman R J Del Vecchio

It has been my privilege to be a part of this badly needed work to bring help and hope to some of the neediest people in Viet Nam.  The VHF team is entirely composed of volunteers, men and women dedicated to improving the difficult lives of those in Vietnam still suffering from the aftermath of the war.

We all are happy to work in any way we can to serve these victims of the war, but we cannot do it all alone.  We depend greatly on the contributions of others, and I hope when you consider the plight of the poorest in Vietnam and our work to help some of them, you will know any contribution you make will really do some good. Thanks for coming to see our site.

Our History

Vietnam Healing Foundation (VHF) was formed in 2005 by a group of US Vietnam veterans, Republic of Vietnam veterans and Vietnamese Americans in the Greater Raleigh Area, North Carolina. We are a 501©(3) charity organization registered with Federal and State government.

The purpose of VHF is to provide a helping hands to forgotten poor and disabled people in Vietnam, especially old disabled RVN veterans and orphans. We concentrate our effort to help those who do not receive any assistance from the government or other charity organizations.

Since our establishment, due to our limited financial ability, we only able to sponsor over 100 fulltime members who receive $200 a year and over 500 in total of non-fulltime members who receive one time gift a year. Occasionally we provide financial assistance to those who need emergency care and funeral arrangement.

We have been supported by local Vietnamese American community as well as US Vietnam veterans from many other locations. Every year, we organize one dancing dinner and participate in the Vietnamese traditional Tet Festival to raise fund to support our mission.

We do need your help in order to continue our mission of helping the forgotten. Any donation is greatly appreciated.