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The Vietnam Healing Foundation
Non profit Corp # EIN 16-1755138
PO Box 281
Morrisville, NC 27560

A Special Fundraising Appeal

As everyone is aware, the disaster of the pandemic has made it impossible for VHF to run our yearly fundraising dinner dance. And since we made a special distribution of $7,000 early this year to help out our disabled vets in Viet-Nam during the pandemic, as well as our regular summer distribution, our financial reserve is lower than it’s been for many years.

We have been given a special opportunity by one Anonymous Benevolent Sponsor to match all incoming donations for the next few months. This is a wonderful chance for us to rebuild our reserve at least to some extent. Therefore, we are asking all our supporters if, even in these difficult times, they can manage to make any kind of donation so we can take advantage of the generous matching offer.

During the period from August 1 to December 31, 2020, a $10 donation will become $20, a $50 donation becomes $100, and a $1,000 donation will become $2,000… The matching limit is $5,000.

So please, consider if you can what your situation is, and whether you can reach out once again to help our brothers whose need is so great. Things are still very difficult for low income people in Viet Nam, and we all know there is no help for them from the government. They still need rice, medicine, rent money. As tough as times are for some of us here, we are so much better off than they are that there is no real comparison. I hope we can manage to find some amount, however limited it might be, to contribute to this appeal.

Please make your checks payable to Vietnam Healing Foundation and mail them to The Vietnam Healing Foundation, P.O. Box 281, Morrisville, NC 27560 or contribute through PayPal.

Thank you.


Del Vecchio